Discover sensitive information in your file storage and emails & protect the information at field-level

AI solution that finds and takes action on sensitive information in emails, docs, pdf for increased security

Protect the sensitive information in your organization

Self-learning AI-powered discovery & redaction tool

Analyze all your unstructured file information

Analyze millions of documents and emails

Zero-trust security

With knowledge of what sensitive information is located where and taking action to protect it, you can implement a zero-trust security approach for that information: where sensitive information is hidden from view by default

Field-level protection

Now with field-level protection, your organization can have much more granular control of data and making non-sensitive information more easily accessibly to people

     A new way to make your unstructured data private & secure

  1. Analyze and review thousands of documents/emails in minutes.
  2. Powerful collaboration functionality including tasks, inbox, escalation, enable you to work together as a team
  3. Cutting-edge AI to automatically identify personal information
  4. Self-learning tool becomes better for the specific context, the more you use it

     Reduce your sensitive data surface area

  1. Taking action on information at the field and document-level enables new levels of security and privacy management
  2. Reducing the amount of sensitive data in files, reduces the risk of data misuse and breach
  3. Combine with identity management for fine-grained access to information in unstructured files