Discover personal information in your file storage and emails & take remediation action

AI solution that finds and takes action on sensitive information in emails, docs, pdf for increased security and meeting standards under GDPR and CCPA

Protect the sensitive information in your organization

Self-learning AI-powered discovery & remediation tool

Analyze all your information fast

Analyze thousands of documents and emails in minutes, not hours.

Easy to program

Tailor the product to find the types of information that are relevant to your context, by selecting from out-of-the-box types of information and adding your own specific keywords and/or rules.

Take remediation action to protect your information

Once information has been identified, you can determine what happens to it from indexing, extracting, redacting to moving the files.

     A new way to make your unstructured data private & secure

  1. Analyze and review thousands of documents/emails in minutes.
  2. Powerful collaboration functionality including tasks, inbox, escalation, enable you to work together as a team
  3. Cutting-edge AI to automatically identify personal information
  4. Self-learning tool becomes better for the specific context, the more you use it

     Remediation built-into your privacy and security program

  1. Taking action on information at the field and document-level enables new levels of security and privacy management
  2. Have confidence that you are taking best-in-class setting for your organization
  3. With collaboration and built-in workflow, manage the remediation work easily