Accelerate your legal redaction

Making it easy to find and redact (personal) information in emails & documents

Your law firm needs the best tools to serve your customers

Self-learning AI-powered redaction tool

Increases Speed

Review thousands of documents and emails in minutes, not hours.

Increases Accuracy

Self-learning tool learns from your context and becomes expert at your subject matter.

Reduces Cost

Automated redaction significantly reduces the labor costs of manual redaction

Practice areas needing to review and redact documents and emails
  1. Litigation discovery
  2. M&A due diligence
  3. Knowledge anonymization

     Collaborate easily with colleagues during redaction process

  1. Review thousands of documents/emails in minutes.
  2. Powerful collaboration functionality including tasks, inbox, escalation, enable you to work together as a team
  3. Cutting-edge AI to automatically identify personal information
  4. Self-learning tool becomes better for the specific matter, the more you use it.

     Get higher margins and win more business

  1. Enable your teams to be more competitive and win more business
  2. Increase your margins with smart use of technology
  3. Enable your clients to achieve their goals much faster