Making DSARs easy for GDPR & CCPA for emails, docs, pdfs

AI solution that finds and redacts information in emails, docs, pdf for DSAR for GDPR & CCPA

Transform your privacy DSAR process

Self-learning AI-powered discovery & redaction tool

Find personal information quickly

Review thousands of documents and emails in minutes, not hours.

Program the tool for each request

For each request, you can set it up so the data requester's information is found, but is left out of redaction (other people's information is then redacted)

Manage your requests with built-in workflow

All your requests in one place, and you can track your progress and timelines for each of your requests, so you respond on time.

     Collaborate with colleagues during review process

  1. Review thousands of documents/emails in minutes.
  2. Powerful collaboration functionality including tasks, inbox, escalation, enable you to work together as a team
  3. Cutting-edge AI to automatically identify personal information
  4. Self-learning tool becomes better for the specific matter, the more you use it.

     Reimagine your privacy DSAR operation with DocuVision's AI solution

  1. Enable your teams to be focus on the sending the right information
  2. Have confidence that you are meeting the deadlines set by law
  3. With collaboration and built-in workflow, manage the work easily