AI-powered PII discovery & remediation

Automatically find & index personally identifiable information & take action on them

Discover & take action on personal information

Now you can know the personal information in your organization

Making it easy for you to find personal information in large volumes of documents and emails
Automatic discovery of data

Using cutting-edge AI, the tool automatically finds personal information that you care about - e.g., names, potential passwords etc.

Automatic indexing

Once the information is discovered, it is automatically indexed so that you can easily find it in the future.

Extract information

The tool allows different types of personal data to be extracted and used in smarter ways by the company.

Collaborate as a team

Easily create a review team, and the tool has powerful collaboration tool to enable people on your team to escalate comments to other team members.


Automatically assign review tasks to your team, every team member has an inbox and task list to easily manage their work.


As you use the tool, it learns for your specific context and gives you better results.

Easy setup

Web app, API or Desktop App

   Versatile & extensive

Extensive range of supported data and files types, including custom information format

100+ data types

Automatically identifies 100+ types of personal information, including logos, images of faces, handwriting and signatures.

Extensive file types

Supports all major file formats including: PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC, Text Files, and email file formats such as pst, elm, msg etc.


Set your own templates, set the confidence level that suits you best, create new types of information to look for on the fly.

Your PII discovery & remediation solution


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Medium- large businesses


7500 pages/month
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Frequently asked questions
What does this product do?'s discovery software product enables you to quickly find, index, extract or redact personal information in documents and emails.

Do I need technical skills to use this product?

No technical skills required. We have built it to be easy-to-use by anyone in your business.

What are the advantages of this product?

Easy-to-use, easy to deploy and helps you efficiently go through large volumes of documents and emails.

I care about data security - how do you approach security?

We also care deeply about security. Our cloud SaaS solution is built using the best-in-class security approaches and built on leading Cloud solutions such as Google Cloud, Amazon's AWS and/or Microsoft Azure. We can also deploy to your own Virtual Private Cloud if that is something you need for enterprise customers (note there will be an additional implementation fee for this.)