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Senior Backend Engineer

At, we believe that a person’s digital privacy is a human right. We are at the dawn of a new era where companies will need to do a lot more to protect personal information. DocuVision helps companies find and protect personal data they have collected, to start with in documents, pdfs and emails. We seek to achieve our vision by training the best NLP & CV algorithms which continue to be tuned through machine learning. Our startup is an early-stage startup backed by UC Berkeley Skydeck and we are located in Silicon Valley, California, with a globally distributed team. We’re seeking like-minded people who are passionate about data privacy. We invite people from all backgrounds to consider joining us, in particular underestimated people. We value curiosity, a willingness to solve hard problems and working both individually and collaboratively with other team members.
We are looking for a senior backend engineer who:
  1. Designs and builds scalable software systems and architecture
  2. Writes effective APIs
  3. Builds rigorous systems for testing
  4. Writes technical documentation
  5. Is proficient in python
We’d like to know:
  • Do you have any experience with deploying Kubernetes clusters? Do you have any DevOps experience?
  • Do you have any experience with authentication systems? E.g.,  SSO / 0auth.
  • Do you have heavy experience with any cloud platforms? If so, which services?
  • Finally, do you use / have experience with any Python web frameworks?
Location: Remote
Email: - Title - Applying for Senior Backend Engineer