Introducing DSAR product for emails, docs, pdf

New DSAR solution for emails, documents, pdfs by

We are excited to announce the DSAR product for GDPR and CCPA which lets organizations find and, where needed, redact personal information from emails, documents, pdfs and other file types.

With the information rights under GDPR and CCPA, individuals can make certain requests, such as:

  1. What information do you have about me?
  2. Delete my data.

When information is located in emails, documents, pdfs etc - special solution needed

The relevant information is often located in files like emails, documents, pdfs etc. The organization needs to gather all the files relating to that request, find the relevant information in the files, determine which information needs to be redacted, and, in the case of an access request, create the set of files with the redactions applied that should be sent to the requester.

The DSAR product helps organizations transform how they handle such requests by:

  • Organizing the files per request
  • Automatically finding personal information in the files
  • Automatically redacting relevant personal information
  • Enabling fast review of the findings
  • Enabling collaboration with your colleagues

We would be glad to hear your thoughts on the DSAR solution for emails, docs, pdfs etc.. Feel free to contact us at: